Swimsuit and Towel
Be prepared for a simple swim test on the first day of class to make sure you are comfortable in the water.It’s also best to dress in layers so you’re prepared for changes in the weather.

Life Jacket
Life Jackets must be worn at all times when not on land.  We have a limited number of life jackets to loan but prefer and recommend students bring their own life jacket they are comfortable in.

Closed-toe shoes
Lines can easily get caught in sandals and it is much easier to move around in boats and on the docks with closed-toe shoes so they should be worn at all times.  Water shoes are a great option!

There’s a lot of sun exposure on the water so bring and wear sunscreen.

Water Bottle (optional):
Although our classes are relatively short (2½ hours) a water bottle will help maintain hydration especially on hot days.

Sunglasses (optional)